About Us.

DLX Financial is a capital markets trading firm specializing in execution and settlement. Our services are extensive and are designed to simplify FX trading and currency processing.

Through our user-friendly technology we make FX an easy process.



FX Trading

Execution and Settlement

Currency Processing

FX Trading.

Through our excellent customer service, cutting-edge technology, and deep liquidity we are able to execute your FX requirements at highly competitive rates.


DLX’s financial crime, anti-money laundering, compliance and sanctions program is a strategic asset that significantly benefits our clients, vendors and providers. The program requires adherence to laws and regulation which includes a solid compliance management program which goes above and beyond setting the standard for our clients and the industry.


The implementation of the Compliance program, as well as the policies, procedures and controls are closely intertwined with our Compliance Team, which continuously reviews and updates them to comply with ever changing regulatory landscape and best practices of global financial services.



Our Team.

Our team is our greatest asset. Our team members boast a background in the financial world and include CPA’s, attorneys, software developers, and former bankers, among others.


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US +1 619 662 6049

MX +52 (664) 134 4757


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