About Us.

DLX Financial is a capital markets trading firm specializing in execution and settlement. Our services are extensive and are designed to simplify FX trading and currency processing.

Through our user-friendly technology we make FX an easy process.




FX Trading


Execution and Settlement


Currency Processing


Execution and Settlement.

Our dynamic team and software ensures execution. Settlement options are available via electronic transfer or delivery of bank-sourced notes via armored carrier.


FX Trading.

Through our excellent customer service, cutting-edge technology, and deep liquidity we are able to execute your FX requirements at highly competitive rates.


Currency Processing.

We offer a unique processing solution to give privately held companies and financial institutions a competitive advantage. Whether you have excess currency, are looking to process US and foreign banknotes, or need general processing support, our logistics department steps in and arranges a turnkey solution.



DLX’s financial crime, anti-money laundering, compliance and sanctions program is a strategic asset that significantly benefits our clients, vendors and providers. The program requires adherence to laws and regulation which includes a solid compliance management program which goes above and beyond setting the standard for our clients and the industry.


The implementation of the Compliance program, as well as the policies, procedures and controls are closely intertwined with our Compliance Team, which continuously reviews and updates them to comply with ever changing regulatory landscape and best practices of global financial services.


Whistleblowing Channel.

All DLX financial employees, ex-employees, clients, vendors and providers have access to a whistle-blowing channel operated through a technology platform aligned with VORTIX's values where they can report conduct such as:  theft, fraud, corruption, sexual and labor harassment, among others.

The objectives of this system are to enhance the ethical behavior of employees and foster the culture of a fair and transparent entity.


Illegal or unethical conduct may be reported for appropriate investigation via the following whistle-blowing channel:



As required by the Bank Secrecy Act we regularly assess our AML/BSA/OFAC compliance program to gauge how well our program is working, and update and enhance our program as needed to always be in full compliance of our regulatory requirements.

As part of our continuous improvement commitment we engage with legal, financial and specialized local and global independent firms to assess and review our core programs.



Our functional training program is a key solution to reduce risk and maintain our employees, senior management, and clients knowledgeable of regulatory requirements, trends and typologies.

We provide continuous and specialized training relating Anti Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism Financing Program, Bank Secrecy Act, Office of Foreign Assets Controls, Sanctions and Anti Bribery and Corruption.  


Our Team.

Our team is our greatest asset. Our team members boast a background in the financial world and include CPA’s, attorneys, software developers, and former bankers, among others.

Saryas Jaff


Michael Crum

Finance Manager

Rodrigo García

QA Coordinator

Arian Jaff Bosdet 


Sergio Osuna

Finance Manager

Daniela de la Rosa Hernández

Compliance Officer

Manuel Acevedo

Legal and Compliance Officer

Cecilia Martin del Campo

Chief of Staff

Omar Bribiesca

Software Development Manager

Alberto Motola

Commercial Officer

Mayra Peraza

Marketing Coordinator

Rafael Gómez

Senior Operations Auditor


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